Two KRS Promo Shots xoxoxox to you, KRS!

The first ever photo taken of the Bangs!



Picturesof Bangs at Yoyo taken by Alex "will work for food"Turner:

Maggie and Sarah - Moments before the fire

Maggie in an awesome shirt

Sarah Rocking

Sarah: "Can youfucking hear me?!"


Also playing that day: the WHO (as Caverage) and Bunnyfoot Charm





Live Shots of Maggie and Sarah
(Thanks, Alex!)





The following pictures were takenin Mobile, Alabama by Dennis Hyland
(Thanks, Maggie!)

GroupPhoto #1

GroupPhoto #2








The next six pictures are from ashow in Bloomington, Indiana taken by Jim Manion and submitted by Corinna Lee.

Sarah and Maggie

Sarah and Maggie#2


Sarah and Maggie#3

Sarah and Maggie#4

Sarah and Maggie#5





The following photos are from Ray at the KRS showcase at the CMJ festival. Thanks Ray!

Oneof Sarah

Another of Sarah

Hey, another of Sarah

Look! It's Maggie!

That one guy.

Why yes, yes it is Maggie

Allmaggie all the time!

SARAH RAWKS CMJ!!!!!!!!!!!

She'll curb yo ass!

I am Maggie, hear me roar! GRR!





These pictures were all taken by Kathi the Great at the Capitol Theatre October 3rd 98. Thanks,Kathi!

Goody Sarah has been possessed by the devil of rock'n'roll!

Aheadless Sarah and Jesse

Maggie! Don't go into the light!

Shecan plays the drums in two!

Maggiedoesn't like it!


Nobody puts Sarah in the corner...!

Also playing that night: The Need!Starring Rachel and Radio





These were taken Jon in Chicago.Thanks, Jon!

Sarah,looking mighty evil, and Jesse

Jesse pounds out the backbeat while Heather rocks it ontambourine

Maggie singing, Jesse swinging

Three punk rockers all in a row, and someone in the audience with a gushing headwound?

Maggie bassing

Jessethree seconds before he becomes the Incredible Hulk




These photos are brought to us by Roland. Thanks, Roland!


These were at Bumbershoot:

A groupshot

Maggie plucking

A profile of Sarah playing

Ourfirst close-up of Kyle!

Sarah singing

One more group shot


Maggie is the cat!

Maggie singing







These photos were taken by Judd atthe Capitol Theater show on January 30th, Thanks Judd!

Maggie all punked out

German Bangs?





These pictures are brought to youby the letter Lulu,she forgot when and I forgot where. Now we are even.

Maggie does the talking, Sarah does the rocking

Duality on the mics, I think

Starry eyes looking at foggy eyes

Sarah Noir




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