TIGER BEAT LP/CDavailable from KillRock Stars for $8/$10ppdin US

Track listing asfollows: ChocolateCobwebs, Vintage Pirahna, Babys's Day Out, Burnout,SOS,

He'sA Groupie,FerociousPocket, TigerBeat, LendMe Crumpets, and Death byGuitar (CD/LP exclusive not available for web consumption!)

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This 7" is called Maggie the Cat.It is on Ten in One Records! The songs are "Maggie the Cat", "Lights Out" and "Get Electric". It is available in Opaque Orange swirly vinyl or BabyBlue clear and full color jackets for your viewing pleasure. It isalready your favorite single of 1998.

Order MAGGIE THE CAT from Kill Rock Stars ($3.50),K Records ($3.75) or directfrom Ten-in-One($3.75, w/free buttons too). Ten-in-One Records address is: 508Legion Way #4 Olympia, WA 98501.

Erin recommends ordering from 10-in-1 and sending an extra $3.75 for thekick ass TightBros. 7" aswell.

Mailorder Order February Freaks single! Includes "Magician's Assistant", "Ready to Go", and "Tender Thunderbolt". Available through the Kill Rock Stars Mailorder Freak Club along with 11 other 7"s. It'll be your favorite single of 1999!


"Sweet Revenge" comes out in May 2000 on CD and LP! Brought to you by Kill Rock Stars!



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