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These are a few photos I have taken atvarious shows. There are lots more to come that I haven't haddeveloped yet. --Erin

March 7th at the Midnight Sun.

Nathansings with Bangs!

Seanand Nathan doing a duet

Also playing that night: Sean Na Na and CaveRage.Seethe flier

Late February 99 at a house show.

Sarahin a Pirates shirt

Theshow's setlist.

Also playing that night: Dub Narcotic and theTight Bros from Way Back When.


January 30th 99 at the Capitol Theater (Heather'sfirst show!)

Glowin the dark Bangs

Maggieattempting to axe out Heather

Sarahsending a rock n roll transmission to Heather

Note:the cateye watching over Da Bangs

Sarahgiving Heather love

Heatherand Sarah singing in unison

Maggiecrushing Heather

 Heatheris crushed!

 Sarahdressed to match her beverage


February 6th 99 at Washington Hall in Seattle


Maggieand Sarah singing

Heatherstole DNSS's kit!

Sarah'sgoing the distance

Heatheris the Eagle!

Thisshow's setlist Courtesy ofBrooke!

Also playing that night Witchypoo!and Transitional.

January 30th 99 at the Capitol Theater Heather'sfirst show!

Sarahoutfitted to match her beverage

Maggieaxing Heather!

Glowin the Dark Rock!

Maggietrying to X-out Heather's eyes!

Sarahputting the smack down

There'sa giant cat with bright red eyes watching over Bangs

Heatherand Sarah giving each other love

Heatherand Sarah singing in unison!


Thisshow's setlist Courtesy ofEryn!

Also playing that night SubDebs!

October 3rd 98 at the Capitol Theatre with theNeed and Hovercraft.

Sarahand Jesse

Sarahand Maggie


 April 98 at RCKCNDY with Sleater-Kinney,Lois, and Little Red Car Wreck

Sarahand Maggie

Maggieand Jesse

Sarahand Jesse

Loistelling a story

Carrieand Corin


Misc. Fun Stuff

Thisis Cadallaca featuring Heather Dunn on tambourine!

 Myfriend Jon with Calvin Johnson (check out themarquee!)







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