The Bangs

by Sean Na Na


Pre-fab Club Cocktails or 1/2 Pint of Bumpy Face?


SU: I'm gonna have to go with the club cocktails as I am a hugefan of the idea of pre-fabricated mixed drinks-- my favorite: jackdaniels and coke in a can. Avoid: Seagram's pre-fab gin andjuice.

MV: Well, since I'm not sure what bumpy face the drink is andthese days I've naturally got my fair share of "bumpy face" I'd haveto go with the pre-fab cocktails. Jim Beam and coke was my favoriteon this last tour.


If I gave you a cape would you wear it?


SU: Of course, especially if it was a big black goth cape and youwould wear one too, and we would have a picnic in the cemetary andlisten to the Cure.

MV: I would really love to wear a cape.


If you could guest star on any R & B album whose would itbe?


SU: Jay-Z! "can I get a what what?" Yes you can!

MV: My all-time favorite R&B artist is Al Green but since I'mnot sure I want to sing on any gospel songs I'd love to be onanything that Timbaland does.


Where do you want to be when Y2K hits? What tapes will youbring?


SU: I plan on being in Brazil to see the rumored Prince concertfor Y2K.

MV: My parent's and their friend Larry are having a 2000 party atthe Olympia Ballroom with lots and lots of alcohol and a terrible barband playing rock'n roll covers. They've been planning it for yearsand I couldn't pass it up. it seems like the perfect way to end themillennium. I don't need any tapes I'll be rocking out to four whitesguys playing "1999" and "Louie Louie".


Have you ever gotten caught? What were you doing?


SU: I'm really terrible at being sneaky and have gotten caughtdoing a lot of bad things. When I was 16 I got caught drinking maddog in a park and threw up in the paddy wagon on the way to thepolice station. I was one classy teenager!

MV: I didn't have any rules really growing up except that Icouldn't drive drunk. Since most things were allowed there wasn'tmuch chance to get caught.


Whats the coolest thing youve ever vandalized?


SU: I left my bloody handprint on Marilyn Monroe's grave afterslicing open my hand jumping the barb wire fence around the Hollywoodcemetary.


What song could save the world?


MV: "Celebration" Kool and the Gang


Do you think that forest rock (i.e. Rush, Dio, and AliceCooper) is making a comeback?


SU: I think in the northwest it never went out of style.

MV: A comeback?


How many songs does it take to get kicked out of a karaoke barwith a cordless mic? Explain.


SU: If you are referring to the little-known karaoke hot spot"Waldo Peeper's" on the outskirts of Chicago, I think you, me,Maggie, and Heather are living proof that its not the number of songsyou sing, but the VOLUME at which you sing them that can really pissoff the karaoke-master.

MV: Well apparently at Waldo Peepers it takes only two. The Peepsis a bar outside of Chicago and it seems the only one in the greaterChicago area to have karaoke on Wednesdays. Sean Na Na took us thereon our last US tour with Dub Narcotic and he brought down the housewith a Bee Gees song. This bar was full of reject; heavy, older,single ladies, men with missing teeth singing Depeche Mode songs,etcand then Sean came in and blew everyone away. He worked that bar.That guy truly has charisma. Heather Dunn, our new drummer, did adrunken rendition of Karma Cameleon. She then preceded to get totallyplastered and dry hump the acid washed leg of a strange man singing"Mony Mony". Sarah sang some John Cougar Melloncamp song. I sang "OurLips Are Sealed" and "Beast of Burden". I was so nervous my kneeswere shaking, it was my first time and I was totally sober. The weirdthing was they only let you sing 2 songs even though there weren'ttoo many people there.


Have you ever loved somebody so much it makes you cry?Why?


SU: Of course, hasn't everybody? Or am I just a sissy? Love bites,love bleeds I

MV: Of course isn't that what it's all about? Love Hurts.


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