The following is a questionnaire that Sarah answered (via e-mail) on June 22, 1998.

1. When did you start Bangs?
We started playing music together in March of last year.

2. What bands have you been in other than Bangs?
I was in a two-piece band called Plastique that put out two singles on K Records.
On the second record we had to change our name to the Seductive cuz another band
from NYC called Plastique wanted to sue us. I also play in Witchypoo with Slim Moon,
Jessica Espeleta, and Joe Preston.

3. What instruments, equipment, and/or gear do you use/play?
I play a 1980 Gibson SG through a Music Man 100 watt tube amp w/ a matching
Music Man 4x12 cabinet. I also use a microphone.

4. When did you start playing music (that is, musical instruments)?
I started playing the violin when I was 4 years old, and played very seriously
until I was 10 when I started to get migraine headaches from the stress
of everyday life, plus hours of practicing and performing.
I didn't touch any musical instruments again until I was 17 and I got a guitar.

5. What other bands (or writers) would you cite as important influences on your music?
Bands that make me want to play loud guitar are: Cheap Trick, AC/DC,
X-Ray Spex, Black Sabbath, the Rolling Stones, and Dead Moon.

6. How would you describe your live shows and your recent tour in general
(audience reactions, participation, elements of confrontation... etc.)?
Our tour was so good, but of course there were a couple lame shows,
usually at bars where people just want to drink and don't care about
the band. Our best shows were all ages ones, where kids were doing
spastic dance moves and freaking out. I love that. We really didn't get
heckled that much which suprised me, there's usually at least one drunk
annoying person that wants to get your attention. I think our live shows
come across much louder and heavier than our recorded music does.

7. What is the most frustrating thing about being in a band today?
The most frustrating thing about being in a band is 1) Finding a practice
space and 2) Being able to buy/repair equipment on my super limited budget.

8. What advice would you give to other young musicians (or aspiring musicians)?
Playing music will change your life, only for the better.

9. What are your prospects for the future?
We are going to tour out to the east coast in the end of October, and
are heading into the studio in a couple weeks to record two new 7"'s,
one for the Kill Rock Stars singles club, and one for a new label in town
called Ten-In-One Records. We might also do a west coast tour in August,
but that's kinda up in the air right now. We also really want to go to
the U.K., hopefully by next year. Basically, we're working on world domination.




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