ROCKRGRL #22 July/August 1998

BANGS - Tiger Beat (Kill Rock Stars)

They've been called "the next power pop trio to take the world by storm" by
their friends, and it's true! The Bangs are on the scene with energetic
guitar melodies from Sarah Utter and thundering rhythm section from Maggie
Vail and Jesse Fox. But the glue that holds this mixture of Pop Rocks and
caffeine together is the smarting lyrics from Utter and Vail (who switch off
on vocals). Indeed what separates the Bangs from the rest that come and go is
they manage a balance of musicianship but don't stop short with insipid lyrics
that can entrap them into a "gender genre". Check them out if you like Team
Dresch and/or Jem & the Holograms. --Erin

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